Every 21st century blacksmith should have the knowledge it takes to make his, or her own hammers, tongs, etc. In the meantime, these items below are available in a variety of materials including A588 Cor-Ten, 4140, 8630, 5160 and of course, mild steel. Basic tong starter sets (1/4 - 3/4" + pickups) start at 200$

Sized as big as you need them

Out of the fire!

new Nazel die

Scrolling tongs

5160 spring steel bending forks

Custom forged rounding hammers!

Specialty tools available for use and for sale!

Industrial grade protractor and stair tool

Steve can make specialty tools to suit any requirement:

Like a reefing iron for recaulking wood hulled boats
Customer testimonial from Lanita Grice, Seattle WA.: "It works better than the original!"

A beefy spring steel pry bar capable of moving thousands of pounds and pulling 1/4" spikes

Specialty wood mallets for hot forming without ruining your work

Give a shout for your special tooling request!

More forging eqpt.

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